Traditional Noh Dance Art in Japan

A professional Noh actor perform classical Japanese dance drama at Kashiwabara Hachimangu Shrine Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Autumn In Japan

The Charming Autumn

The beauty of the fall foliages have attracted many tourists around the temples in Tanabata, Japan. Many yellow ginkgo trees are show there autumn beauty. Temple bell sounds with music of koto and images of yellow ginkgo trees will be helps relives stress and anxiety.

Ise Daikagura

Performing Art Of Outdoor Folk Culture In Japan

Ise Daikagura is one of the oldest folk performing art in Japan, dating back to the Edo period (1603-1857). The main performance is called 'Sisiimai', a lion dance performed with sacred Shinto music.

Daikagura performers every day travel through the various cities in the rural areas in western Japan. Their journey starts on January 1st annually and finishes mid of November.

Every year in mid-October, they visit to bless the people living on Inujima Island, a 3.6-kilometers-circumference island in Okayama. Approximately 40 people live on Island their average age is 70 years. Most of the houses are abandoned due to depopulation.

Sri Lanka

War On Poverty

Sri Lanka has faced its worst crisis after it defaulted on foreign loans, causing shortages of essentials like fuel, medicines and some food items.

Appromixaly five million Sri Lankans are currently in need of food or fincance assistance. The latest survey shows 86 percent of households can only afford to have one meal per day or reduce their food intake, according to UN reports. The price of food has risen by 80 percent due to inflation, causing many families to go hungry and reduce meals per day.

Community kitchens, NGO is functioning in 9 locations across sri Lanka for supporting nearly 2000 people meals a day.

Create Something New Economy


Aerial view of commercial and residential buildings in the Umeda commercial district in Osaka, Japan.

Sri Lanka

Rice Planting